Friday, December 24, 2010

Winners Circle: Pool Tournament Winners for the Week of December 13-19

Turning Stone Classic XVI
Merona, NY

Congratulations to winner Corey Deuel!!

December 18

Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour
Sharky's Billiards
Davenport, IA

Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour Results
1st Scott Hargens, $500
2nd Donnie Thompson, $300
3rd Jamey Bowman, $200
4th Jason Gross, $130
5th Mark Nelson, $80
5th Mark Rohner, $80
7th Mason Parks, $45
7th Dan Hankins, $45

December 18

Tri State Tour
Castle Billiards
East Rutherford, NJ

Tri State Tour Results
1st Raj Vannala, $700
2nd Chad Rarick, $400
3rd Mark Pantovic, $250
4th Al Cacciola, $150
5th Brian Hunter, $100
5th Bernard Vogelsang, $100
7th Tim Cahill, $70
7th Kyle Bubet, $70

December 18-19

Great Southern Billiards Tour
Speakeazy Billiards
Sanford, NC

Great Southern Billiards Tour Results
1st Tony Morrison, $1,000
2nd B.J. Ussery, $550
3rd Brian White, $350
4th Vernon Rogers, $200
5th Alex Olinger, $105
5th Michael Fuller, $105
7th Delton Howard, $75
7th Sam Monday, $75
9th David King, $45
9th David Brown, $45
9th Shawn Ray, $45
9th Ryan Stone, $45

December 18-19

WorldPPA Winter Shootout
California Billiard Club

WorldPPA Winter Shootout Results
1st Frank Nordmann, $800
2nd Mike Chen, $425
3rd Elmer Diwa, $300
4th Ernesto Reyes, $200
5th Omar Montiel, $150
5th Octavio Preigo, $150
7th EZ Wadsworth, $100
7th Scott Mattingly, $100
9th Rich Hamlin, $85
9th Mark Thomas, $85
9th Melvin McKay, $85
9th Colin Mazaika, $85
13th Jared Williams, $65
13th CJ Robinson, $65
13th Paul Juarez, $65
13th Jimmy Qu, $65
17th Simon Dudley, $40
17th Chris Cruz, $40
17th Dileepan Narayann, $40
17th Ace Pillar, $40
17th Nick Callado, $40
17th Mike Taylor, $40
17th Robert Farwell, $40
17th Derek Wright, $40

December 19

Lucasi Hybrid New England 9-Ball Tour
Sebago Lake Billiards
Windham, ME

Lucasi Hybrid New England 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Dan Brien, $300
2nd Don Clement, $150
3rd Brad Pepin, $75
4th Fedial Carbal, $45

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