Friday, December 17, 2010

Winners Circle: Pool Tournament Winners for the Week of December 6-12

December 11

Misscues Ladies Tour
Bank Shot Billiards
Louisville, KY

Misscues Ladies Tour Results
1st Jacqui Herrera, $230
2nd Samantha Patton, $150
3rd Allison Hardwick, $100

December 11-12

Great Southern Billiard Tour
Green Top Billiards
Rocky Mount, NC

Great Southern Billiard Tour Results
1st Sidney Champion, $800
2nd Danny Mastermaker, $500
3rd Sammy Monday, $350
4th Michael Fuller, $250
5th Tony Morrison, $100
5th David Trest, $100
7th Younger Chapman, $50
7th Scott Howard, $50

December 11-12

Lone Star Billiards Tour Championships
Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar
Houston, TX

Lone Star Billiards Tour Championships Open Results
1st Andy Jethwa, $1,000
2nd Raul Escobedo, $700
3rd T.J. Davis, $450
4th Jason Brown, $320
5th David Henson, $210
5th Denis Strickland, $210
7th Sylver Ochoa, $175
7th Ernesto Bayaua, $175
9th Sonny Bosshamer, $140
9th Barry Strickland, $140
9th Victor Rojas, $140
9th Brian Sanders, $140
13th Brent Thomas, $90
13th Bobby Perez, $90
13th Roy Payton, $90
13th Brian Hickman, $90

Lone Star Billiards Tour Championships Ladies' Results
1st Courtney Peters, $300
2nd Ming Ng, $220
3rd Angela Martinez, $150
4th Terry Petrosino, $80

Lone Star Billiards Tour Championships One-Pocket Results
1st Jason Brown, $560
2nd James Davis, Sr., $420
3rd Denis Strickland, $288
4th David Henson, $144

Lone Star Billiards Tour Championships Juniors' Results
1st Joey Torres, $60
2nd James Parvala, $40
3rd J.C. Torres, $25
4th Johnny Lopez, $15
5th Michael Fain, $10

December 12

Dishaw Cues CNY Tour
Salt City Billiards
Syracuse, NY

Dishaw Cues CNY Tour Results
1st Victor Conte, Jr., $300
2nd Mike Donnely, $195
3rd Lee Sibley, $110
4th JB Brotherton, $70
5th John Guffey, $40
5th Brian Lipes, $40

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