Thursday, December 9, 2010

Billiard Congress of America: 2011 Ranking Events

The Billiard Congress of America (BCA) has announced seven ranking events for 2011.

March 1-5
The Masters (Chesapeake, VA) - $35,000 added

April 21-24
Ultimate Ten Ball Championship (Dallas, Texas) - $35,000 added

May 16-21
US Open 10-Ball Championship (Las Vegas) - $25,000 added

August 11-14
Turning Stone Summer (Verona, NY) - $25,000 added

October 16-22
US Open 9-Ball Championships (Chesapeake, VA) - $50-75,000 added

Dates TBA
Steve Mizerak Championship (Hollywood, FL) - $50-75,000 added

Dates TBA
Turning Stone Winter (Verona, NY) - $25,000 added

More information is provided in the press release below.

The Billiard Congress of America Announces Ranking Events for 2011

The Billiard Congress of America has decided to make the following events points events for 2011:

1) The Masters. $35,000 added. Chesapeake, VA, March 1-5
2) The Ultimate Ten Ball Championship. $35,000 added. Dallas, Texas. April 21-24
3) The US Open 10-Ball Championship. $25,000 added. Las Vegas. May 16-21
4) Turning Stone Summer. $25,000 added. Verona, NY. August 11-14
5) The US Open 9-Ball Championships. $50-75,000 added. Chesapeake, VA. Oct. 16-22
6) The Steve Mizerak Championship. $50-75,000 added. Dates TBA. Hollywood, FL.
7) Turning Stone WInter. $25,000 added. Dates TBA. Verona, NY

Events may be added if the Billiard Congress of America receives requests for new qualifying events at least 120 days prior to their start date, the events are approved by the Billiard Congress of America and they do not conflict with major international events. In addition, existing events may be removed from the list if their specifications or dates are changed and no longer fit the requirements of the calendar. Any changes will be done with all due haste, players will be notified, and the calendar will be changed to reflect the removal.
By Press Release - 2010-12-06

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