Thursday, December 16, 2010

Free Video Instruction From Max Eberle

Long-time professional pool player, artist and author Max Eberle has created a new online pool instruction course. "Max Eberle's Free 8-Day Pool Mastery Boot Camp" is delivered daily via e-mail and gives players of all levels information they can use to improve their game. Beginners and intermediate players will benefit from the quick improvement tips; more experienced pool players will become stronger and more consistent through the actionable drills.

A few things Max teaches in the series:

1. One thing to do with your bridge hand to dramatically improve your consistency
2. Secrets of aiming…with and without spin
3. How and when to find the stroking line (million dollar tip)
4. Master secrets of developing a great stroke
5. How to generate more power… or hit softer
6. How to keep your stroke as accurate as possible
7. How to have a balanced, powerful, and winning set up
8. Winning strategy and principles of position play
9. One of the most powerful drills to fine tune your stroke and game

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