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Winners Circle: Pool Tournament Winners for the Week of September 6-12 World Cup of Pool
Robinsons Place Mall
Manila, Philippines

Fu Jianbo and Li Hewen Celebrate Their Second World Cup of Pool Crown
Photo courtesy of Professor Q-Ball

Final Scores
China 10-5 Philippines

Semi Final Scores
China 9-7 Germany
Philippines B 9-8 Taiwan

Quarter Final Scores
China 9-3 Indonesia
Germany 9-7 France
Philippines B 9-1 Finland
Taiwan 9-5 Poland

Second Round Scores
Taiwan 8-2 Japan
Indonesia 8-6 Philippines A
Germany 8 -1 Russia
France 8-6 England
China 8-5 Italy
Finland 8-1 Holland
Poland 8-7 USA
Philippines B 8-4 Spain
First Round Scores
Russia 8–4 Canada
Indonesia 8-7 India
China 8–2 Belgium
Italy 8-6 Korea
Germany 8–4 Hong Kong
Philippines A 8-3 Thailand
England 8–7 Qatar
France 8-5 Australia
Japan 8–7 Slovenia
Poland 8-6 Malta
Taiwan 8–2 Malaysia
Philippines B 8-4 Croatia
Holland 8–3 Austria
Finland 8-2 Singapore
USA 8-7 Sweden
Spain 8-5 Vietnam

September 9-12

Viking Cue Olhausen Billiards Tour
Emerald Billiards
New Iberia, LA

September 10-12

New England PVA/Boston
Boston Billiards Club
Worchester, MA

September 11

Blaze ABCD Tour
One Shot Billiards
Somerset, NJ

September 11

Tiger Southwest 10-Ball Tour
Jamaica Joe's
Midwest City, OK

Southwest 10-Ball Tour Results
1st Chip Compton, $1,090
2nd Shane McMinn, $880
3rd Joey Gray, $550
4th Caleb Moore, $280
5th Tommy Tokoph, $100
5th Allen Hanson, $100

September 11

Triniti Tour
Whetzel's Billiards
Manassas, VA

September 11-12

Great Southern Billiard Tour
Fast Eddie's Sports Bar
Goldsboro, NC

Great Southern Billiard Tour Results
1st Sammy Monday, $1,000
2nd Michael Fuller, $500
3rd Steven Page, $300
4th Larry Faulk, $200
5th Tony Morrison, $125
5th Chris Vollmar, $125
7th Montez Lloyd, $75
7th Greg Taylor, $75
9th Chris Adams, $50
9th Mike Frowein, $50
9th Darren Blitch, $50
9th Dylan Whaley, $50

September 11-12

Jacoby Custom Cue Carolina Tour
150 n OUT
Mooresville, NC

Earl Strickland
Photo courtesy of

Jacoby Custom Cue Carolina Tour Results
1st Earl Strickland, $1,000
2nd BJ Ussery, $375
3rd Jeff Abernathy, $75

September 11-12

J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour
Cosmo's Billiards
Disckson City, PA

JPNEWT Results
1st Linda Haywood-Shea, $425
2nd Megan Smith, $280
3rd Briana Miller, $195
4th Denise Reeve, $125
5th Colleen Shoop, $75
5th Judie Wilson, $75

September 11-12

Lone Star Billiards Tour
Skinny Bob's
Round Rock, TX

From Left: David Henson and James Davis, Sr.
Photo courtesy of

Lone Star Billiards Tour Open Results
1st James Davis, Sr., $700
2nd David Henson, $450
3rd Bryan Sanders, $350
4th Cesar Garcia, $220
5th J.P. Lopez, $120
5th David Gutierrez, $120
7th Ray Tull, $80
7th Doug Young, $80
9th Patrick Hill, $50
9th John Newsome, $50
9th Ernesto Bayaua, $50
9th Adrian Lloyd, $50

Lone Star Billiards Tour Ladies' Results
1st Kim Pierce, $270
2nd Liz Kirkman, $180
3rd Kim Sanders, $90
4th Julia Rapp, $50

Lone Star Billiards Tour One-Pocket Results
1st David Gutierrez, $450
2nd David Henson, $250

September 11-12

New England 9-Ball Tour
Buster's Billiards
Somersworth, NH

Laddy Mills
Photo courtesy of

New England 9-Ball Tour Results
1st Laddy Mills, $350
2nd Ivaylo Petrov, $175
3rd John Korapusick, $100
4th John Dennis, $60
5th Gareth Steele, $45
5th Corey Tapaly, $45

September 11-12

OB Cues Amateur Women's Tour
Rusty's Billiards
Arlington, TX

September 11-12

Ozone Billiards/Predator 9-Ball Tour
Rev. Clarence Keaton Memorial
Master Billiards
Queens, NY

September 11-12

Washington State 8-Ball Bar Table Championships
Shotze's Rack-N-Roll
Everett, WA

September 11-12

World 14.1 Qualifier
Drexeline Billiards Club
Drexel Hill, PA

September 12

Mezz Pro-Am Tour
Main Line Billiards Club
Frazer, PA

Mezz Pro-Am Tour Results
1st Josh Brothers, $690
2nd Matt Krah, $400
3rd Manual Chau, $255
4th Rob Hart, $150
5th Scott Freeman, $100
5th Al Tonelli, $100

September 12

Rack Em Up Tour
Bo's Bar & Billiards
Warwick, RI

Rack Em Up Tour Results
1st Rich Minichello, $600
2nd Roarke Dickson, $400
3rd Kevin Bauccio, $300
4th Josh Gormly, $200
5th Chris Leal, $125
5th Liz Taylor, $125
7th Ian McKelvey, $50
7th Mike Kelly, $50
9th Steve Kang, $35
9th David Soares, $35
9th Danny Pavao, $35
9th Charlie Hodson, $35

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