Wednesday, September 22, 2010

3-Year-Old Pool Prodigy Sets World Record

From the APA: On Aug. 29, Keith O’Dell, Jr. set the world record for the youngest person to legally jump a cue ball over a full pool ball. The record has been accepted by the World Record Academy and is in the works to get it online and in the record book.

Three-year-old Keith, Jr., set the record at his family home. His father, Keith, Sr., says that the first time he jumped, it was an accident. He and his father were playing a game of 8-Ball and the cue ball became frozen to the rail. Keith, Jr., jacked up to shoot and the cue ball came off the table. “I sent McDermott a video of him jumping and they built Keith an amazing custom jump cue from his own (Pool Prodigy) line,” Keith, Sr., said. “The day we got the jump cue, he jumped the cue ball into the rack and the rest is history.”

Keith, Jr. Setting the World Record

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