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BCAPL Southwest Regional Championship Wrap-Up + Videos

The first BCAPL Southwest Regional Championship was held over Labor Day weekend at the Radisson Fort McDowell Resort Casino in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The inaugural event attracted approximately 250 BCAPL and USAPL league players and non-league current player members. In addition to the tournament, multi-World Champion Earl "The Pearl" Strickland performed an exhibition and answered questions from the audience.

Final Results

BCAPL Southwest Regional Championships Men's Open Singles Results
1st Alex Aroz (AZ), $975
2nd John Flores (AZ), $700
3rd Jim Rabatin (AZ), $400
4th Frank Wellman (AZ), $275
5th Steve Hansen Sr. (TX), $170
5th Burt Balancad (AZ), $170
7th Peanut Hazelton (TX), $125
7th Leroy Ballentine (AZ), $125
9th Ed Parker (AZ), $75
9th Scott Willoughby (TX), $75
9th Ed Scott (AZ), $75
9th Travis Kennedy (AZ), $75
13th Jim Ornelas (CO), $50
13th Jonathan Rowe (AZ), $50
13th Junior Flores (AZ), $50
13th Shawn Begay (NM), $50

BCAPL Southwest Regional Championships Women's Open Singles Results
1st Brenda Shilling (MN), $600
2nd Tami Hathcock (AZ), $400
3rd Bianca Lindahl (AZ), $250
4th Char Alcott (AZ), $155
5th Cathy Kelley (AZ), $100
5th Diana Clayton (AZ), $100
7th Ebony Kelly (AZ), $75
7th Candy Zeleny (ID), $75
9th Veronica Poore (AZ), $60
9th Peggy Hurst (AZ), $60
9th Sherri Helton (AZ), $60
9th Leandrea Gaff (AZ), $60

BCAPL Southwest Regional Championships Coed Advanced/Master Singles Results
1st Nick Deleon (AZ), $565
2nd Mitch Ellerman (AZ), $375
3rd Tony Confalone (AZ), $225
4th Carlos Avalos (AZ), $150
5th Larry Eans (AZ), $100
5th Bobby Emmons (AZ), $100
7th Jerry Stuckart (AZ), $75
7th Mark Griffin (NV), $75

BCAPL Southwest Regional Championships Coed Beginner Singles (AZ 4-6 State Rated Only) Results
1st Kevin Arco, $115
2nd Mike Gwinn, $80
3rd Milton David, $50
4th Gary Metoxen, $35
5th Frenchy French, $20
5th Tony Davis, $20

BCAPL Southwest Regional Championships Men's Mixed Team Results
1st “Tom Ryan’s” (members: JR Burkhart, Junior Flores, Dean Martin, Andy Peterson and Bill Vander Weyst), $1,415
2nd “No Flash Photography” (members: Alex Aroz, Carlos Avalos, Jason Polk, and Brian Poore), $850
3rd “Ballers” (members: Chad Barber, Ken Gouso, Jim Money, Jim Rabatin, and Jerry Stuckart), $600
4th “Kolby’s Johnny’s” (members: John Bridges, John Halter, Harold Lyons, and Frank Wellman), $400
5th “The Heat” (members: Jaime Cole, Jonathan Rowe, George Rowe, and Todd Rowitz), $250
5th “Hot Shots” (members: Don Brandt, Richie Daniels, Milton David, Ken Holgate and Ernie Moreno), $250
7th “Groggy’s” (members: Daniel Haselhorst, Chet Lahti, John Marquis, and Dave Seibert), $125
7th “Northern Lounge” (members: Burt Balancad, Pat Dicker, Jerry Shearer, Chris Shenker, and Ron Weeks), $125

BCAPL Southwest Regional Championships Women's Team Results
1st “It’s Fate” (members: Debbie Compton, Leandrea Gaff, Cathy Kelley, and Susan Williams), $1,000
2nd “Bad AZZ Babes” (members: Sonia Flores, Tami Hathcock, Sophia Morquecho, and Veronia Poore), $600
3rd “AZ Shooters” (members: Laura Boothroyed, Bianca Lindahl, Staci Silverman and Edwina Tortalita), $350
4th “Lady Stingers” (members: Terri Johnson-McCauley, Claudia Justus, Ebony Kelly, and Kristie Ortega), $150

Archived Video from OnTheRail TV

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