Friday, June 10, 2011

Morris Defeats Hundal To Take The Interpool Open Title in Sweden

Even though the 7th Annual Interpool Open in Gavle, Sweden was dominated by Swedish players, it was England vs. America in the finals with Rodney Morris squaring off (and ultimately winning against) Raj Hundal.

Tournament highlights from

Interpool Open Results
1st Rodney Morris, $3,247
2nd Raj Hundal, $1,623
3rd Marcus Chamat, $811
3rd Jim Chawki, $811
5th Mika Immonen, $405
5th Christian Fisher, $405
5th Roger Lysholm, $405
5th Vegar Kristiansen, $405
9th Morgan Cedarstrom, $202
9th Henrik Hagen, $202
9th Marcus Sjoberg, $202
9th Roger Akerbloom, $202
9th Robert Gronlie, $202
9th Alejandro Dinamarca, $202
9th Joakim Haugen, $202
9th Christian Lugowski, $202

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