Friday, June 24, 2011

Allison Fisher Dominates Ga Young Kim, Taking WPBA US Open Top Title

Defending WPBA US Open Champion Allison Fisher beat out two-time US Open Champion Ga Young Kim 7-4 to take the top spot in the 2011 WPBA US Open.

Check out the WPBA brackets for a blow-by-blow of the final match.

Tune in to ESPN on August 7th to view the Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals.

Final 8 (race to 7)

Jeanette Lee 6 vs. Erica Park 7
Kelly Fisher 5 vs. Allison Fisher 7
Ga Young Kim 7 vs. Vivian Villarreal 5
Monica Webb 6 vs. Jasmin Ouschan 7

Final 4 (race to 7)

Erica Park 2 vs. Allison Fisher 7
Ga Young Kim 7 vs. Jasmin Ouschan 2

Final Round (race to 7)

Allison Fisher 7 vs. Ga Young Kim 4

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