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Winners Circle: Pool Tournament Winners for the Week of August 9-15

August 13-15

Volunteer State Championships
J.O.B. Billiards Club
Madison, TN

Congratulations Josh O'Neal, 1st place winner and runner-up Bobby Pickle.

Congratulations also go out to ladies' division winner Amy Acerra.

August 14

Jose Blaze ABCD Tour
One Shot Billiards
Somerset, NJ

August 14

Mezz Pro-Am Women's Tour
Riley's Concord Billiards
Boothwyn, PA

August 14

Tri-State Tour
Master Billiards
Queens, NY

Tri-State Tour Results
1st Eddie Culhane, $500
2nd Daniel Dagotdot, $270
3rd Geoffrey Bauer, $180
4th Andrew Kane, $100
5th Trevor Heal, $50
5th Mike Harrington, $50

August 14-15

Florida State Amateur Championships
Ultimate Billiards
Fort Pierce, FL

Florida State Amateur Championships Results
1st Danny Satinoff, $1,000
2nd Justin Gilsinan, $600
3rd Han Berber, $400
4th Dave Uwate, $350
5th Jared Schlauch, $250
5th Anthony Meglino, $250
7th Jim Sandaler, $150
7th Chip Dickerson, $150
9th Floyd Reasons, $100
9th Fred Kenney, $100
9th Daniel Mosey, $100
9th Tito Solari, $100
13th Chris Gentile, $60
13th Mark Wathen, $60
13th Preston Buckwold, $60
13th OB Cirillo, $60

August 14-15

Great Southern Billiard Tour
SpeakEazy Billiards
Sanford, NC

Great Southern Billiard Tour Results
1st Steven Page, $1,000
2nd Glenn Russell, $500
3rd Hope Gladden, $250
4th Chris Adams, $170
5th Cary Dunn, $125
5th Dana Hallat, $125
7th David King, $75
7th Lay Thammavong, $75
9th Chris Vollmar, $45
9th Barry Mashburn, $45
9th James Blackburn, $45
9th Darren Blitch, $45

August 14-15

Jacoby Custom Cues Tour
Breaktime Billiards
Wilmington, NC

Jacoby Custom Cues Tour Results
1st John Newton, $1,000
2nd BJ Ussery, $400

August 14-15

Kwikfire Tour
Silver Dollar Saloon
Rock Hill, SC

August 14-15

Lone Star Billiards Tour
Q Stix Billiards
Houston, TX

Lone Star Billiards Tour Open Results
1st David Gutierrez, $750
2nd Charlie Bryant, $500
3rd Brian Rosenbaum, $375
4th Rene Rendon, $250
5th Sylver Ochoa, $125
5th Sam Manaole, $125
7th John Newsome, $90
7th James Davis, Jr., $90
9th Ernesto Bayaua, $50
9th Brandon Shuff, $50
9th Danny Tam, $50
9th Barry Strickland, $50

Lone Star Billiards Tour Ladies Results
1st Ming Ng, $350
2nd Terry Petrosino, $230
3rd Ricki Casper, $150
4th Yvette Reyes, $90
5th Cristina Delagarza, $55
5th Deanna Henson, $55

August 14-15

Northwest Women's Pool Association Tour
The Parlor
Bellevue, WA

NWPA Tour Results
1st Jana Montour, $560
2nd Jackie Karol, $350
3rd Kimberly Kirk-Lengel, $232
4th June Maiers, $172
5th Regene Wentzell, $102
5th Shelby Locati, $102
7th Andrea Saenz-Maes, $72
7th Shari Ross, $72

August 14-15

Ozone Billiards Predator Tour
Mr. Cue Billiards
Lindenhurst, NY


8-Ball Open winner Keith Fremin of Louisiana
Ladies Open winner Ashley Kline of Louisiana
Seniors Open winner Joe McNamara
9-Ball Open winner Jeff Beckley
Women's 9-Ball Open winner Ashley Kline
Seniors Championship winner Rene Romero
Mixed Doubles 9-Ball Open winners Brent Thomas and Rose McCrory of Texas

Champions won free entry and an all expenses paid trip to a Dragon Promotions pro event.

August 14-15

Seminole Pro Tour
Diamond Billiards
Cape Coral, FL

Seminole Pro Tour Results
1st Corey Deuel, $2,800
2nd Rodney Morris, $1,800
3rd Shane Van Boening, $1,250
4th Mike Davis, $1,000
5th Tommy Kennedy, $800
5th Jerry Calderon, $800
7th Mario Cruz, $650
7th Dustin Morris, $650
9th Stevie Moore, $450
9th Hunter Lombardo, $450
9th Mike Dechaine, $450
9th Michael Delawder, $450
13th Neil Fujiwara, $300
13th Donnie Mills, $300
13th Anthony Meglino, $300
13th Stephen Richmond, $300

August 14-15

Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour
Ajax, Ontario, Canada

August 14-15

Triniti Tour
Whetzel's Billiards
Manassas, VA

August 14-15

Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour
Classic BIlliards
Conyers, GA

August 15

Mezz Pro-Am Tour
Riley's Concord Billiards
Boothwyn, PA

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