Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Billiards As Fine Art--"The Rack" at Fargo Billiards by Kim Bromley

If you ever get the chance to visit Fargo, North Dakota, check out "The Rack"; a really cool billiards art installation at Fargo Billiards by Assistant Professor, Hypnotherapist and professional artist Kimble Bromley.

Artist’s Statement
Kim Bromley
Painting these paintings of pool balls presented a great opportunity to mix pool with fine art. As an artist I used my knowledge of the game of pool to create these works, drawing on artistic influences and other information researched for each individual painting. These sixteen paintings together form the rack of billiard balls typically found on a pool table: 1-8 solids, 9-15 stripes, and the cue ball. All the paintings were created with the same basic format or composition using the cohesiveness of the “rack” as the guiding concept. Each painting was painted with a uniquely different idea in mind according to its color, number, stripe or solid. Sizes of the canvases are proportional to a pool table. My challenge was to come up with a uniquely different idea for each of the balls. I drew upon my knowledge of art history, painting and pool to complete “The Rack.” More

View the rest of The Rack

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