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Archer Takes Sixth Turning Stone Title: Complete Rankings

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On August 22, 2010, Johnny Archer rose to the top, defeating Rodney Morris 13-8 in the finals to take his sixth Turning Stone title. Sound like a repeat? Morris also finished second to Archer in the December 2009 Turning Stone event. Strangely enough, Dennis Hatch took third at both events. With this win, Archer has also gained the number one spot in the BCA rankings.

Turning Stone Classic XV Results
1st Johnny Archer, $8,000
2nd Rodney Morris, $5,000
3rd Dennis Hatch, $3,600
4th Mika Immonen, $2,600
5th Mike Dechaine, $2,000
5th Jeremy Sossei, $2,000
7th Thorsten Hohmann, $1,600
7th Ralf Souquet, $1,600
9th Shaun Wilkie, $1,200
9th Joe DiPietro, $1,200
9th Jeff Kennedy, $1,200
9th Ernesto Dominguez, $1,200
13th Shawn Putnam, $850
13th Liz Ford, $850
13th Manny Chau, $850
13th Shane Van Boening, $850
17th Charlie Williams, $550
17th Marc Vidal, $550
17th Kevin Guimond, 550
17th Brian Holmes, $550
17th Tim Perry, $550
17th Ron Casanzio, $550
17th Erik Hjorliefson, $550
17th Guy Bedard, $550
25th Ray McNamara, $300
25th Trevor Braymore, $300
25th Chris Szuter, $300
25th Oscar Bonilla, $300
25th Spencer Auigbelle, $300
25th Dave Fernandez, $300
25th Jeff Smolen, $300
25th Dave Daya, $300

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