Friday, July 29, 2011

Johnny Archer Comes Out On Top At Maryland Open 14.1

From July 21-14, 35 of the top straight pool players in the country battled to win the Seventh Annual Maryland Open 14.1 Straight Pool Championships in Baltimore, Maryland.

Tournament Winners

1st Johnny Archer, $4,000
2nd John Schmidt, $3,000
3rd Dave Daya, $1,800
3rd Zion Zvi, $1,800
5th Ed Deska, $800
5th Shaun Wilkie, $800
5th Mike Davis, $800
5th Brandon Shuff, $800
9th Ed Deska, $400
9th Danny Barouty, $400
9th Bob Hunter, $400
9th Alan Duty, $400
9th Michael Yednak, $400
9th Earl Herring, $400
9th Jose Parica, $400
9th Bob Chamberlain, $400
High Run (Saturday) John Schmidt, 100 2x, $130
High Run (Sunday) John Schmidt, 82, $120

For more on the Championships, including full scoring brackets and event highlights, check out Professor Q Ball.

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