Friday, April 8, 2011

Unbeatable Liz Cole Earns Spot In 2011 WPBA US Open

March 19-20

NWPA Tour Stop
Askar's Golden Fleece

Kenmore, WA

WPBA Tour Results
1st Liz Cole, $425 + $500 Entry for US Open
2nd Kim Jones, $275
3rd Jana Montour, $180
4th Andrea Saenz-Maes, $140
5th Mary Hopkin, $84
5th Shari Ross, $84
7th Kimberly Kirk-Lengel, $84
7th Mona Remedios, $84

Second Chance Results
1st Shelby Locati, $60
2nd Heather Moonias, $50
3rd Alisha Rogers, $40
4th Cathy Duenas, $30
5th Jessica Orth
5th Talya Makus

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