Friday, April 29, 2011

Allison Fisher and Mike Dechaine - 2011 Ultimate 10-Ball Champions

Allison Fisher courtesy of Ultimate

Mike Dechaine courtesy of Ultimate

Allison Fisher and Mike Dechaine walked away with the champion titles at this year's Ultimate 10-Ball Championship held April 22-24 in Frisco, Texas.

Fisher won 7-5 over Kelly Fisher to take the lead; Dechaine pulled out a narrow 11-12 win after an extended battle against Jeremy Jones.

Top Winners


1st: Allison Fisher, England, $5,600 and the gold medal

2nd: Kelly Fisher, England, $3,750 and the silver medal

3rd: Angel Paglia, USA, $2,800 and the bronze medal

4th: Line Kjoersvik, Norway

5th: Vivian Villarreal and Monica Webb, USA

7th: Dawn Hopkins and Amy Chen, USA

9th: Kim White and Tara Williams of the USA, EJ Park of Korea, and Kyoko Sone of Japan

13th: Brittany Bryant of Canada and Melissa Little, Laura Smith and Ming Ng of the USA


1st: Mike Dechaine, USA, $16,600 and the gold medal

2nd: Jeremy Jones, USA, $9,500 and the silver medal

3rd: Jason Klatt, Canada, $6,200 and the bronze medal

4th: Charlie Williams, USA

5th: Darren Appleton of the UK and Jeremy Sossei of the USA

7th: Rodney Morris and Jonathan Pinegar of the USA

9th: Oscar Domingues, Dennis Hatch, Brian Brekke and Jesse Engel of the USA

13th: Raj Hundal of India, Niels Feijen of Holland, Brandon Shuff and Paul Song of the USA

17th: Ralf Souquet of Germany and Johnny Archer, Mike Davis, Shawn Putnam, Max Eberle, John Gabriel, CJ Wiley and Sylver Ochoa of the USA

The full brackets, player list and photos

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