Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yu-Ram Cha Gets Her WPBA Tour Card, Shows Just Why She's One Of The Top 20 World Ranking Players

Yu-Ram Cha
Image by Anne Craig courtesy of

March 24-27

WPBA Regional Tour Championship
Bogies Billiards
Houston, TX

WPBA Regional Tour Championship Results
1st Yu Ram Cha, $3,250
2nd Susan Williams, $1,930
3rd Joanne Ashton, $1,320
4th Briana Miller, $1,056
5th Sharon O'Hanlon, $792
5th Janet Atwell, $792
7th Veronique Menard, $660
7th Kim Benson, $660
9th Shelby Locati, $396
9th Hiroko Makiyama, $396
9th Suzanne Smith, $396
9th Helen Laiche, $396
13th Jana Montour, $264
13th Marianne Merrill, $264
13th Lisa Marr, $264
13th Julie Comitini, $264

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