Monday, March 21, 2011

Super Billiards Expo 2011 - Tournament Winner Recap

The Allan Hopkins Supar Billiards Expo 2011 was held March 10-13, 2011 at the Valley Forge Convention Center in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

Ralf Souquet
Photo Courtesy of John Sturgis and AZBilliards

Pro Player Championship
1st Ralf Souquet, $20,000
2nd Robb Saez, $7,000
3rd Shane Van Boening, $4,000
4th Dennis Hatch, $3,000
5th Johnny Archer, $2,100
5th Darren Appleton, $2,100
7th Alex Pagulayan, $1,800
7th Gabe Owen, $1,800
9th Mike Immonen, $1,500
9th Jason Klatt, $1,500
9th Dee Adkins, $1,500
9th Stevie Moore, $1,500
13th Shawn Putnam, $1,250
13th Rodney Morris, $1,250
13th Tony Robles, $1,250
13th Max Eberle, $1,250
17th Thorsten Hohmann, $900
17th Matt Clatterbuck, $900
17th Raj Hundal, $900
17th John Morra, $900
17th Shaun Wilkie, $900
17th Ryan McCreesh, $900
17th Hunter Lombardo, $900
17th Tommy Kennedy, $900

Jamey Gray, Andy Segal and Tim Chin
Photo Courtesy of AZBilliards

World Artistic Pool Championships
1st Andy Segal, $3,500
2nd Jamey Gray, $2,500
3rd Tim Chin, $1,800
4th Gabriel Visiou, $1,300
5th Nick Nikolaidis, $1,000
5th Abram Diaz, $800
7th Florian Kohler, $750
7th Jamie Moody, $700
9th Tom Rossman, $650
10th Chris Woodrum, $500
11th JR Owens, $450
12th Bruce Barthelette, $400
13th Paul Danno, $100
13th Javier Gomez, $100
13th Steve Markle, $100
13th Joe Bonge, $100
13th Sebastian Giumelli, $100
13th Gordon Hedges, $100
13th Steve Geller, $100
13th Tom Kinzel, $100
13th Jason Lynch, $100
13th Mark Dimick, $100
13th Dave Nangle, $100
24th Jimmy Glanville, $50
24th Bob Neal, $50

For amateur results, click here.
For Fury 14.1 Challenge results, click here.

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  1. Looks like Allan Hopkins Super Billiards Expo wad a success! There were lots of great players in the tournament! Congratulations to Ralph Souquet and Andy Segal!



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