Monday, February 14, 2011

Ralf Souquet Claims Dynamic France Open Champion Title

With a 9-8 victory over Mosconi Cup team member Nick van den Berg, Germany's Ralf Souquet claimed the title of Dynamic France Open Champion 2011.

France Open Sweet 16

France Open Top 16 Results
1st Ralf Souquet, Germany
2nd Nick van den Berg, Netherlands
3rd Niels Feijen, Netherlands
3rd Kristoffer Mindreboe, Norway
5th Scott Higgens, England
5th Manuel Gama, Portugal
5th Mattey Ullah, Norway
5th Konstantin Stepanov, Russia
9th Karl Boyes, England
9th Stephan Cohen, France
9th David Alcaide, Spain
9th Carlo Dalmatin, Croatia
9th Radoslaw Babica, Poland
9th Artem Koshovyi, Ukraine
9th Jayson Shaw, Scotland
9th Serge Das, Belgium

Full Results

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  1. Sound like a great match! Hill-Hill matches are always fun to watch. To see more more pool news and videos, visit



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